Aikiou Thin Kat Interactive Cat Feeder

Feeding time is made interesting with an Aikiou interactive cat feeder! Not only are interactive feeders a great mental stimulation activity for cats and kittens, they also provide a collection of benefits - particularly for cats on the heavier side that need to lose weight. The Aikiou Thin Kat feeder encourages your cat's natural hunting instinct and slows down their rate of food consumption by motivating them to work for their food. The feeder's unique design features smaller sections that encourage your cat to pat their food along to the open feeding area. When it comes to the flowers, they can either push the food out from the top or simply grab it from the tube and eat it from their paws.

Simply scatter your cat's food around in the feeder and in the flower tubes and let your cat do the rest! The flowers and base can be easily removed when desired. For the over-excitable cats that like to attack their food, the feeder has raised walls and features anti-slip feed at the base to prevent sliding on any surface. Available in blue or green. Made from materials safe for pets and people.

Recommended Instructions

  1. Place your cat's food on the plate only (without tubes and flowers)
  2. When your cat gets used to the plate, add the tubes
  3. For a further challenge, add the flowers
  4. Disassemble the parts when your cat finishes eating and wash with mild soap


  • Provides great mental stimulation & stimulates your cat's natural hunting instinct
  • Highly recommended for overweight cats that need to lose weight
  • Slows down your cat's eating & prevents bloating
  • Removeable flowers and tubes
  • Suitable for wet and dry food
  • Available in green or blue
  • Has anti-slip feet to prevent sliding
  • Made from materials safe for pets and humans

  • 1 x Aikiou Thin Kat Interactive Cat Feeder
    • Length - 27.1cm
    • Width - 23.2cm
    • Height (with flowers) - 7.5cm
    • Height (without flowers) - 3.5cm
Brand Aikiou Interactive Dog & Cat Feeders

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