Our Top Dog Toy Picks

Author: Neil Smith  

Spread some puppy love! 

Valentine’s Day might have been 2 days ago – but it’s not too late to show your dogs some love! To help spread the love well beyond Valentine’s Day, we have 20 per cent off the price of our entire Busy Buddy toy range! (Offer ends 28th February 2018).

Chew toys and treats for dogs come in an array of sizes suitable for the smallest Chihuahuas up to the biggest Great Danes. These toys are great for keeping your pet occupied when you’re not at home, or just stimulating their mental activity throughout the day. Beyond that, some can be filled with kibble and other treats to help maintain your dog’s interest and keep them entertained.

It’s not too late to show your furry friend a little extra love this February with an extraordinary chew toy they'll love!

Our top three picks for dog toys are:

  1. West Paw Toys
  2. StarMark Toys
  3. Busy Buddy Treat Dispensing toys


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