CatGenie - Saving time, money and the environment

Say GOODBYE to cat litter!

It's time to say goodbye to cat litter once and for all. Cat owners spend an average of $8 per week on cat litter ALONE. That's more than $400 a year! Those with a CatGenie unit will spend less than $5 per week on CatGenie supplies.

Disposable cat litter isn't just expensive, it also fills landfills fast. A two-cat household consumes more than 150kg of cat litter each year.

We are ready to introduce you to the CatGenie - a clever cat toilet that automatically cleans and flushes cat waste down the drain, just like a real toilet!


How does it work?

The CatGenie unit requires a one time easy DIY installation to your home's water supply.

Once connected, the unit is filled with dust-free, non-toxic, biodegradable granules that are cleaned automatically throughout the day to ensure your cat has a pleasant place to do its business. The unit and granules are also sanitised with a cat-safe SaniSolution, similar to what vets use to clean their operating and examination areas, minimising the spread of bacteria. The CatGenie unit literally does everything for you - scooping, cleaning, sanitising and blow drying. It even discards your cat's waste out of your home FOR GOOD. This leaves more time for spending time with your cat rather than cleaning up after them.

Once installed, you won't have to purchase bags and bags of cat litter ever again. Beyond the immense savings, you will never touch cat litter again!


How do I get a CatGenie?

Pre-orders for CatGenie have officially begun on our website! Delivery will commence in the first week of September. But get in quick! CatGenies are on sale for 15% OFF (Pre-order only!) This offer ends August 31st. Click here to order your CatGenie today!

We also have a 1 Year Mega Supplies Combo available on our website. This includes 6 SaniSolution Cartridges, 2 boxes of Washable Granules and a Machine Maintenance Cartridge. This 1 Year supply only costs $259 INCLUDING delivery!

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