Cat Beds & Caves

Cat Beds, Caves and Mats for the Comfort and Wellbeing of Your Cat

  • Our range of beds include the must-have Burrow Bed, Crinkle Sacks and Heat Mats
  • Comfortable sleeping spaces for your cat's daily 12-16 hours of sleep!
  • Well made designs both you and your cat will like.

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Burrow Bed
Burrow Bed

Comfortable Cat Beds 

Burrow Cat Beds are so popular with cats, you'll be glad to have one. The Burrow Bed has a soft cushioned base with hood for hiding away. Rest in the Burrow Bed gives your cat a super comfortable bed and hiding spot, whilst still having the ability to keep on eye on what is happening around them. Also available are the Mid West Defender Pet Beds with bolster sides and quilted floor. You'll appreciate that both beds are easy care machine washable. See our range of colours and find the perfect bed for your cat.

Defender Pet Beds
Cosy Heat Pad for Pets

Heat Mats and Cat Caves

The same heat pad used by the professionals, we stock the Cosy Heat Pad. Use the Cosy Heat Pad in the corner of a pet bed for warmth in winter, or to aid in your pet's recovery (as directed by your vet). As well as sleep - a healthy cat likes to bounce, hide and play! The Crinkle Sack is a cat cave made with a crinkle material in the lining. The irresistible sound will keep your cat busy rolling around and playing and when they have had enough - the sack creates a hooded sleeping area. Perfect for a nap, the Crinkle Sack is a toy and bed in one! 

Crinkle Sack for Cats
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