1. Adequate space for the unit


CatGenie Dimensions:

Length: 62.3cm

Width (back of unit): 44cm

Height (back of unit): 53.4cm

Width (front of unit): 48.6cm

Height (front of unit without accessories): 21cm

Height (front of unit with sidewalls): 28cm

Height (front of unit with Genie Dome): 49.5cm

Dome Opening (without Genie Door): 22cm


2. Access to an electrical outlet

The CatGenie requires access to an electrical source in order to operate. 



3. Access to a cold water supply line

The CatGenie needs to be connected to a cold water supply line in order for the unit to run cleaning cycles. You can find a cold water supply line through your toilet, sink or washing machine tap.

Please note: The CatGenie must only be connected to a COLD water supply line. Connecting the water hose to a hot water supply line will damage the unit and void your warranty.


4. Access to a suitable drainage area

The CatGenie waste hose must be placed in a suitable drainage area. There are various ways to complete the setup however, the two most common drainage set ups are in the washing machine laundry tub or toilet. If you only have one drainage area in the laundry tub, we supply a Dual hose adapter that fits your washing machine waste hose and CatGenie waste hose. For toilet drainage, we supply a hook that fits over the end of the waste hose and sits underneath the toilet seat.

Feel free to give us a call at 1300 483 179 if you have any questions regarding setup or installation.