CatGenie One Year MEGA Supplies Combo

The Mega Supplies Combo comes with all of the supplies you need for an ENTIRE YEAR*. The Mega Supplies combo includes 4 SaniSolution Cartridges, 2 boxes of Washable Granules and 1 Machine Maintenance Cartridge.

When you buy in bulk you save, and you will never touch, smell or breathe cat litter again for less than $4.50 a week!


SaniSolution: The SaniSolution formula mixes with cold water to thoroughly wash and sanitise the CatGenie's Washable Granules. Remember to choose your desired SaniSolution Scent from above! The Fresh Scent SaniSolution leaves a light fragrant aroma in your home, and the Scent Free SaniSolution is an ideal option for people who are sensitive to fragrances.

Washable Granules: Washable Granules are changing the game when it comes to cat litter. Unlike regular cat litter types that need constant buying and replacing, the Washable Granules are reusable non-absorbent pellets that only need topping up every few weeks! One box lasts 3 - 4 months with one cat. 

Machine Maintenance: We recommend using the Machine Maintenance Cartridge once every 3-4 months to keep the CatGenie unit running efficiently. One cartridge has 4 cycles in it. The maintenance formula is designed to remove grime that builds up in hard to reach places. Running a maintenance cycle every few months will prevent and remove the build-up of dirt that may cause blockages over time.

*Based on 1 cat with the CatGenie set to Cat Activation


  • 1 Year worth of CatGenie Supplies for just less than $4.50 a week!
  • Hassle-free, hygienic and 100% safe for pets, people and the environment
  • Available in Fresh Scent or Scent Free SaniSolution options

  • 4 x SaniSolution Cartridges (450mL each)
  • 2 x Boxes of Washable Granules (1.6kg each)
  • 1 x Machine Maintenance Cartridge (450mL each)
Brand CatGenie

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