Innovative Dog Bowls that Improve Dog Health! 

  • OH Bowls have ridges to clean the tongue for improved oral health  

  • Non-Spill Cruiser Bowl delivering up to 2.5litres of water availablity for your pet's hydration

  • Range of sizes in fresh colours

Dog Bowls at Ready Pet Go
Cruise Bowl

Cruiser Bowl Non-Spill for the Ute, Travel or Home 

Keep your dog hydrated by ensuring water is available when needed, no matter where you are. Fill the Cruiser Bowl and the water stays in the bowl even if the surface the bowl is sitting on is the back of a ute!  If your dog likes to travel with you, or tips their bowl over during the day leaving them with no water, then the patented Cruiser Bowl is the solution.

Ute Dog Cruiser Bowl
Oh Bowls

OH Bowl for Oral Health

Improve your pet's oral health when they eat from their OH Bowl. The ridges on the surface of the bowl cleans their tongue with each lick, whilst slowing their feeding to get every last bit of food in their bowl. Available in Orange, Pink and Green, the OH Bowl also has a non slip base. Click on the image to learn more about the OH Bowl.

Green OH Bowl

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K9 Cruiser Bowl

2.5 Litre Anti-Spill Pet Water Bowl

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Omega Paw Dog Hog

Effectively slows down your pet's eating

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