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1 x Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain

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The Drinkwell Avalon fountain's ceramic design will look great in your home! The fountain has a 2 Litre capacity and a raised tier for senior/arthritic dogs and cats.

Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain

The Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain is a 2-Litre water fountain great for timid cats and dogs. Its two-tier design makes it easy for pets to access their water - this is particularly ideal for senior/arthritic dogs that can't bend down to reach low surfaces. The ceramic material ensures that the fountain is easy to clean and maintain.

The Avalon fountain is also the first Drinkwell Fountain to offer a dual replaceable filtering system to keep water cleaner for longer. The foam filter catches large debris such as hair and the charcoal filters keep the water is free from unpleasant tastes and odours. Animals will instinctively avoid still water in the fear it is stagnant, the Avalon Fountain offers two free-falling streams of water that will aerate the water below and encourage your pet to drink more of the fresh, flowing water. The constantly flowing stream of water makes the Drinkwell Pet Fountain range number one when it comes to keeping your pet healthy and hydrated.

For convenience when cleaning your fountain, feel free to have a look at Drinkwell's 3 brush cleaning kit!

  • 2 Year Warranty providing system is properly maintained.
  • 1 Year Warranty on power supply

Things To Consider

  • For indoor use only

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain
    • Fountain Dimensions:
      • Length: 26cm
      • Width: 26cm
      • Height: 18cm
      • Bowl Height: 8cm
  • 1 x Submersible Pump - Australia 240V Power Cord
  • 1 x Charcoal Filter
  • 1 x Foam Filter