Drinkwell - Premium Water Fountains for your Pet 

  • Provides your dog access to fresh, running water 24/7!
  • Designed for small to large cats and dogs
  • These fountains have been designed to entice your pet to drink more water, leading to a healthy and happy pet!

If you have any questions about the Drinkwell range, feel free to call us at 1300 483 179

Drinkwell Fountains - The water your pet needs and deserves

Drinkwell Fountains are high quality, modern systems that provide your pet with a constant supply of fresh, flowing water at any time of the day. Unlike humans, dogs and cats are made up of 80% water (humans are made up of 60% water) which means they need an adequate daily water intake to prevent general to severe health issues. Our wide range of Drinkwell Pet Water Fountains ensures that there is a stylish system for your home!

Drinkwell Pet Water Fountains

Drinkwell Fountains are available in various designs suitable for different purposes. All of the products have a 2 year manufacturers warranty on the fountain and a 1 year manufacturers warranty on the pump. Our entire range of fountains include:

  • Stoneware Pagoda Foutnain
  • Ceramic Avalon Fountain
  • Stainless Steel 360 Fountain
  • Drinkwell Original Fountain (plastic)
  • Drinkwell Platinum Fountain (plastic)
  • Big Dog Fountain (plastic)



Additional Drinkwell Fountain Filters and Cleaning Accessories

Filters are a vital part of the Drinkwell Fountains to ensure the water is kept fresh and purified while also lengthening the life of your fountain. The Drinkwell Cleaning Kit has 3 different sized brushes to clean all parts of the fountain easily and thoroughly to prevent clogging and dirt build up. Additional Filters and cleaning accessories are available here.

If you need additional water for your Original Drinkwell Fountain, a 1.5 Litre Reservoir has been designed to easily attach to the system for more fresh filtered water!

Benefits of Drinkwell Systems

Keeping your pet well hydrated is vital to their health and well being. Drinkwell Fountains are designed to entice your pet to drink more water by encouraging their natural instinct to drink from running water rather than stagnant water in the fear that it may be contaminated. A hydrated pet is a happy pet! Benefits include:

  • Faster recovery when injured or sick
  • Regulates a normal body temperature
  • Reduces the chance of developing bladder, bowel or urinary infections
  • Helps increase blood circulation
  • Helps with digestion and absorbs the essential nutrients stored in foods
  • Removes toxins from your dog's body



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