How to measure your dog for the right size harness

Choosing the right size dog harness. The girth of the dog is measured about 4 fingers (2inches) behind the front legs where the belly strap will go around.

powerharness measure girth

Attaching the dog harness

When attaching the dog harness, special care must be given to the proper adjustment of the chest strap and the belly strap. If the straps are left too loose, the dog might be able to back out of it, if the belly strap is too tight can be uncomfortable for the dog and the buckle may rubs the skin. So for the correct fitting please follow the steps below.

When adjusting the straps, two things should be kept in mind:
1. The chest strap should be adjusted in such a way that you can fit four fingers comfortably between the front legs of the dog and the belly strap.

powerharness fitment

2. The belly strap is adjusted properly if you can slide your fingers under the harness on the back of the dog.

powerharness fitment