Julius K9 IDC Powerharness Dog Harness

Give your dog nothing less than the best! The Julius K9 IDC (Innova Dog Comfort) Powerharness is the WORLD'S BEST dog harness designed for pet dogs and working dogs of all ages and sizes! Not only does the harness look fantastic on all dogs, its ergonomic design also prevents chafing and eliminates strain on your dog's neck and back during walks, training and working conditions.

Harness Features:

The harness is made from authentic European materials for the ultimate durability. The main section of the harness is made from water-repellent nylon and a breathable inner-lining that allows your dog's skin to breathe. The adjustable chest strap is made from strong nylon webbing and features a large reflective strip for increased visibility during low-light hours. The body strap is also adjustable and is secured with a tough Julius K9 buckle that's been tensile tested up to 350kg. A closeable handle is attached to the top for direct control when needed. You'll also receive a free pair of glow-in-the-dark JULUS K9 labels for increased visibility to others during low light hours.


Taking your Dog's Measurements Correctly

It's important to measure your dog correctly to select the best harness size for your dog. Place four fingers behind your dog's front legs and using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your dog's chest from that point (as seen in the diagram below).

If your dog is between two sizes, choose the harness size that has the most adjustability or use the dog weight as a secondary guide. If you have any questions about which harness is best for your dog, please measure your dog's chest circumference and give us a call on 1300 483 179.

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness Sizing Chart 

Dog Harness Size Chest Circumference Dog Weight
Baby 1 29cm - 36cm 0.8kg - 3kg
Baby 2 33cm - 45cm 2kg - 5kg
Mini-mini 40cm - 53cm 4kg - 7kg
Mini 49cm - 67cm 7kg - 15kg
0 58cm - 76cm 14kg - 25kg
1 63cm - 85 cm 23kg - 30kg
2 71cm - 96 cm 28kg - 40kg
3 82cm - 115cm 40kg - 70kg
4 96cm - 138cm 70kg - 90kg



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powerharness strenght testedHeavy Duty Buckles

Julius K9 harness buckles are tensile tested up to 350kg to ensure durability and reliability during all scenarios.

powerharness ergonically perfectPerfect Ergonomics

The angle of the chest strap gently places pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body.

Breathable skin friendly linerBreathable Inner Liner

The OEKO-Tex inner liner is manufactured to human clothing specifications allowing your dog's skin to breathe.

powerharness reflective Reflective Strips

The reflective stitching and chest straps increase you and your pet's visibility during low-light hours.

powerharness side bagsSidebag Fixing Option

Harness sidebags are an available accessory that hook and loop to your dog's harness, or your belt loops on jeans. The sidebags fit treats, waste bags, your phone, keys and cash.

powerharness removable patchesRemovable Labels

Customise your harness with funky hook and loop labels! To see the entire range of pet dog and working dog labels, click here!



Reflective labels - Stand out from the crowd! Replace your standard Julius K9 harness labels with funky labels such as "HOT DOG", "PRINCESS", "DIVA", "BALL HOG" and more! Working dog labels also available. Click here to see the entire range!

Side Bags - Why carry your small items when your dog can do it for you? The Julius K9 side bags securely store your keys, phone, doggy bags, treats and cash for a hands-free walk! Waterproof. Hook and loop attachment. Also fits to your belt loops. Suitable for dog harness sizes mini to size 4. Click here to read more!

Chest Straps - Chest Straps are an ideal accessory for dogs performing high-intensity activities. The straps distribute pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body. Wide range available. Go back to the harness page to see all chest strap options. (Julius K9 Chest Pad, Julius K9 Front Control Y-Belt).


Fitting the Harness on your Dog

If your dog's harness straps are too loose, your dog may be able to shuffle out of the harness, however, if the harness straps are too tight, the strap buckle will rub against your dog's skin around the armpit area which may lead to chafing after regular use.

Correct Fitting

A properly fitting harness will fit comfortably around your dog and you will be able to easily slide your fingers between the harness and your dog's back. The incorrect fitting may lead to discomfort, chafing and injury.


Optimum Load Distribution

Each IDC Powerharness size has a customised chest strap designed for effectively distributing pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body.

*Please Note - some differences exist between the range:

  • Rubber strap closure handle to hold down the handle (Not available on Mini / Mini-mini)
  • Hook and loop pad to secure the handle (Not on Size 0-3)
  • Large sidebag fixing option (Not available on Mini-mini - hook and loop only)
  • Dual torch holders on size 1 - 3
  • Left only torch holder on size 0
  • No torch holders on Mini-mini or Mini


Correct Sizing Video

Click the image below for a high-resolution harness measuring guide

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Brand Julius K9
Shipping Weight 0.1100kg

Well Made Excellent Fitting Harness

By: on 15 April 2019
I saw these harnesses on all the pampered UK pooches so my two cairn terriers needed to have one. I am definitely not disappointed with this purchase. They are extremely well made. Since the harness is so adjustable it fits like a glove. I ordered the extra Y piece that allows for front lead attachment and it works well. I love the customisable labels too. Now I need to figure out how to get a customised embroidered name label! I will definitely get some for my other two dogs now.

Best Harness EVER!

By: on 10 January 2019
Got my Julius harness and can't rave about it enough. I have an extremely large, strong Doberman and he used to take me for a walk. The harness fits perfectly and walking him is now a pleasure. The stress on his neck with regular collars and the rubbing under his arms from other harnesses are now a thing of the past. I highly recommend this harness. Oh and love the custom labels ....couldn't decide between BOSS or SECURITY so got both.

Julius K9 Power Harness is one great harness

By: on 21 March 2018
Love the harness.very easy to use. My pooch finds it easy to run and walk and dosnt hinder her in any way. Best online service from ReadyPetGo, will use them again and will highly recommend.

Best Ever

By: on 28 April 2017
Just bought this item, my dog loves it she's a 45kg Rottie and can be quite a handfull but not anymore. The harness is comfortable on her and looks great.

Dog Harness

23 December 2015
Ive tried everything with my sleigh dog! He hates a nose halter so bad he pulls almost both of us over, strains so badly on a collar and lead that its uncomfortable for us both this halter is a god send, he isnt pulling or in discomfort now and my wrists are not suffering at all! Love love love the efficiency of this company I also found to be brilliant!!

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