KONG Teething Stick

Your puppy has 28 baby teeth that are replaced by adult teeth by around 4 months of age. When a puppy is teething, their mouth and gums feel sore and chewing is their way of relieving the pain. The KONG Puppy Teething Stick is made from a soft natural rubber customised for sensitive puppy teeth. The KONG Teething Stick promotes healthy chewing habits while soothing your puppy's teeth and gums as they chew.

The teething stick features a hollow centre and flexible outer ridges which are perfect for storing wet or dry treats. (Fun fact: These flexible ridges also help clean your puppy's teeth and gums as well!) Treat recommendations include; Plain yoghurt, peanut butter, turkey, ham, wet food, dry kibble, rolled oats, mashed banana and more! No treats? No worries! Throw the toy around for a game of fetch. Its cylindrical shape and soft rubber material creates an unpredictable bounce keeping your pup on their toes!

The teething stick is available in 3 sizes and is suitable for puppies up to 9 months of age. Please view the sizing chart below to select the best KONG Teething Stick for your pup.


How to introduce your puppy to their very first KONG:

  • Fill the KONG Teething Stick with kibble. You can also try mixing in small bits of cheese. These treats will be easy for your pup to get out. Do this for a few days before increasing the difficulty level.
  • When you're ready to make the treat toy a bit more challenging, mix a little water with the loose kibble or peanut butter. Squish it all inside the KONG and give it to your pup. Mixing the kibble with liquid helps stick the kibble to the insides of the KONG encouraging your pup to work harder for their treats - keeping them busy for longer.
  • To make their teething stick even more challenging, place a larger dry dog biscuit inside OR place yoghurt (or other paste-like treats) in the hollow centre and leave it in the freezer for a few hours.

Use the sizing chart below to determine which KONG Teething Stick size is best for your dog. If your dog is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the size up. As your dog grows, upgrade your pet's teething stick size as needed. If you have any questions regarding sizing, feel free to call us on 1300 483 179.

Teething KONG size Dimensions (L x W x H) Dog Size
Small 4.8cm x 3.5cm x 2.5cm For puppies up to 9kg
Medium 9.1cm x 4cm x 4cm For puppies 7kg - 16kg
Large 12.2cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm For puppies 13kg - 30kg


What we like

  • Flexible chew toy for teething puppies up to 9 months old
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits
  • Satisfies your puppy's need to chew
  • Gently cleans your dog's teeth and gums as they lick and chew
  • Hollow centre - fill with wet or dry treats
  • Flexible raised ridges - fill with wet treats/paste
  • Available in 3 sizes

  • The KONG Teething Stick is only suitable for puppies up to 9 months old. Once your puppy is 9 months old, you'll need to upgrade them to the KONG classic.

  • 1 x Puppy Teething Stick (Select size from the options above)
Brand KONG

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