Introducing The Australian Pet Welfare Foundations: Saving The Lives Of Pets!

We're Teaming Up!

Ready Pet Go and the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation have teamed up to make a difference to the lives of Australian pets! What does this mean for you? When you make a purchase over $100 through Ready Pet Go, $1 of your purchase will be donated to support the APWF research!


About the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation is a charitable organisation that exists to make a positive difference to the health and welfare of pets in our community. The APWF was founded by Emeritus Professor, Jacquie Rand in 2012 and is dedicated to transforming Brisbane's pet euthanasia rate to zero by the year 2020.

The APWF is improving the general health and well-being of companion animals by sharing new information with the wider community including; shelters and pounds, state and local governments and veterinarians. With the support of highly experienced and passionate researchers and a dedicated team of volunteers, their evidence-based research helps create awareness and bring change to the lives of loveable Australian pets.


Thank you Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Thanks to the work of the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation, there has been a substantial decrease in the number of pets euthanised across the nation. This work has been carried out by several pet welfare organisations and has led to a significant change in the mindset of people creating policies and people working in important institutions. More humane approaches that are based on quality research are now being adopted.

Thanks to current research, strategies and actions are available to help prevent this from occurring. If we all do our part, we can help save them. 


There's still a while to go...

Did you know that over 100,000 pet dogs and cats are euthanised in Australia each year? Unfortunately, despite all of the positive change, the euthanasia rate in Australia remains high. Why? Many pounds, animal shelters and government departments are working from out-of-date policies that do not align with current research. To create change and save the lives of pets, the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation leads the way in cutting-edge research. The foundation shares this new knowledge with all relevant stakeholders in the pet industry to achieve their mission of improving pets' general health and well-being.


The Australian Animal Pet Welfare Foundation has 2 fundamental objectives:

1. Changing the law on no-pet rentals

Only 4% of Australian rental properties allow pets. This makes it almost impossible for pet-owning tenants to find a comfortable home. Many people are forced to choose between finding suitable accommodation or part with their family pets. The foundation’s founder, Jacquie Rand led the research on rental accommodation and pet ownership and discovered that 20,000 pets are euthanised each year in Australia because their owners were unable to find pet-friendly rental accommodation.

Research proves that there is no correlation between pets and additional damage to the property. Landlords and real-estate agencies discriminate against pet owners without data backing their claims. Due to this, the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation are now an influential voice in Victoria’s state government review of renting laws. Public opinion shapes policy. Join with the foundation in telling governments that no-pet clauses in rental agreements are outdated and are destroying the lives of both people and pets. 


2. Educating owners on keeping pets safe

Did you know that lost pets can be euthanised after just 72 hours? The safest thing we can do as pet owners is to ensure that our pets are contained correctly and are wearing an appropriate ID tag with a phone number if they manage to escape or run off during a walk. 


According to research gathered by the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation, owners must make sure their pets are not only microchipped with up-to-date contact details on record – but are also wearing a collar and ID tag with their owners’ correct phone numbers.

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The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation is determined to make a change. Ready Pet Go supports them with a portion of sales being donated every month for the remainder of the year. There are plenty of opportunities to be a part of a positive change! If you'd like to get involved, feel free to head to the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation website today!