Scoopfree is designed so you don’t have to touch the waste!! All you do is load the ScoopFree with the litter tray that comes pre-filled with Premium Crystals. When your cat uses this little box, the blue crystals litter absorbs moisture and smell and starts to dehydrate solids.

Your cat uases the ScoopFree as any other cat box and automatically optical sensors will detect that your cat is inside the litter box. After your cat has used the box and leaves it, automatically sensors detect your cat’s movement and then, 20 minutes later, the Scoopfree rake starts sweeping the waste into a covered compartment. Should you cat re-enter the ScoopFree the sensors are reset stopping the cleaning cycle and the timer starts again when your cat leaves.

There are two variations of the ScoopFree:

The differences are slight but noticeable. The ScoopFree Ultra is the same unit as the ScoopFree Original with these additions:

  • Adjustable Rake Delay – You can set the rake to clean 5, 10 or 20mins. Your cat walking past the sensor will reset the delay so that your cat does not raked into the waste compartment.
  • Privacy Hood – Some cats like privacy when doing their business, some like to kick the litter around after they have finished. The privacy hood helps with both of these situations.
  • Health Counter – The Health Counter is like an odometer for your ScoopFree system. Each time your cat enters it will count. Helpful when monitoring tray use and monitoring your cat’s habits

Both of these systems are an ideal solution for people with cats who live in apartments, townhouses or elderly, injured people who find constant bending to be painful or difficult. The automatic raking of the ScoopFree ensures your cat’s waste is removed from view and the odour is contained to the waste compartment.

Loading the ScoopFree is one of the simplest tasks anyone can do. Simply remove the spent litter tray and slide in a new one and then forget about doing that again for up to 4 weeks, depending on the number of cats you have. The crystals on the tray are designed to be low tracking, meaning they should not stick to the feet of your cat and be dragged through the house, and they leave a pleasant smell after your tabby has left.