PawPrints ID - Smart Pet Tag

As a pet owner, you make sure you do everything you can to make sure your furry friends are healthy, happy and safe, even if they manage to escape  - and that's where the Paw Prints ID pet tag gives you peace of mind! 

As a complimentary product to conventional pet location procedures, the Paw Prints ID is the convenient little smart tag that has 2 main purposes: To keep track of your pet's medical information, and help your lost pet get found fast! The ID tag has a unique QR code and a 7 digit number, that when scanned or typed into the Paw Prints website gives you, or the person who finds your pet, all the important information regarding your pet's medical details, and your contact details. 
When your tag arrives, simply fill in the details you wish to provide, attach the smart tag to your pet - and you're set!


The Paw Prints ID provides three alternative ways for someone who finds your pet to contact you:

1. QR Code

The Paw Prints ID Quick Response Code printed on the tag stores all of the information you choose to provide, and when scanned by a smartphone, these details will appear to the person who finds your pet, enabling them to contact you easily and look after your pet the way you do! When the QR code is scanned, you will receive a text and email within 30 seconds, notifying you that your pet has been found! If GPS mode is enabled on the finder's smart phone, a Google Maps location of where your pet was scanned will be attached to the automatic email.

2. Paw Prints ID website

If the person who finds your pet doesn't have access to a smartphone, a unique 7 digit ID number, located beneath the QR code can be entered into the PawPrintsID website, providing them with different contact options and information about your pet. 

3. 24 Hour Call Centre

Clearly printed on the Paw Prints ID tag is a 24/7 support phone number for the person who finds your pet to contact a Paw Prints operator who collects all the relevant information which is then passed on to you immediately via email and text.


An entire health and medical information storage system at your fingertips

When your pet ID tag has been registered, you have the ability to provide essential health and medical information about your pet in relation to allergies, previous medical conditions, care requirements, current medications etc. In the unexpected event of an emergency, or travelling with your pet the smart tag is at your fingertips for you and your vetenarian's convenience during a stressful time.

Upload PDF documents and x-rays to your pet's profile to keep track of your pet's health, and even set up reminders for flea, tick and worming and to receive prompts by email or text.The Paw Prints ID tag enables you to change the information in your pet's profile whenever and where-ever you like.

Travelling? For the time that you're away, change the contact information to your pet carer's then back to yours when you return!


  • 3 alternative ways for someone to contact you
    • Scanning the ID tag
    • Entering the ID number on the tag into the PPID website
    • The 24/7 Call Centre
  • All information is edited by you
  • The person who finds your pet and scans the tag can access:
    • Your contact details
    • Your pet's health information
  • 24/7 Phone number available for support
  • Suitable for all animals
  • Waterproof, lightweight, long-lasting
  • One-off payment! - no ongoing fees

  • The Paw Prints ID does not prevent your pet from getting lost.
  • Conventional procedures of protection such as appropriate fencing, microchipping and training etc should still be utilised to ensure that your pet remains safe and protected.


  • Automatic email and text when the ID tag has been scanned
  • Made of high-quality acrylic
  • Lightweight & waterproof

  • 1 x Paw Prints ID Tag
  • 1 x Leaflet with Paw Prints ID set up instructions
Barcode # 857652006108
Brand PawPrints ID
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg

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