The Piddle Place Portable Pet Loo

The Piddle Place - The Perfect Potty Solution for Indoor Dogs and Puppies!

  • Great for apartment dogs and perfect for travelling!
  • It's a simple, hygienic solution for indoor pets that need to go!
  • The Bio+ concentrate and spray treatment will leave your house clean and fresh!

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The Piddle Place Portable Pet Potty

The Piddle Place Pet Potty is the clean and hygienic solution for indoor dogs that need to go! It's made with high-quality porous turf that allows your pet's urine to instantly seep into the reservoir base. When the base is full, simply open the drain valve and pour the liquid waste down the drain or toilet!

The Original Pet Loo

Piddle Place Features

  • The replacement turf keeps your dog's paws dry while your pet's urine seeps into the reservoir base!
  • Easy to empty!
  • When you need to clean the turf, simply toss it in the washing machine!
  • Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Bio+ Treatment and water disinfect and neutralise odours!
The Pet Loo - Backyard in a  box
The Pet Loo - Backyard in a  box

Travelling? Take it with you!

The Piddle Place comes with a handy lid and grooves for easy carrying - perfect for taking with you on a road trip, camping trip or a holiday to pet-friendly hotels! Emptying the reservoir is easy and convenient!

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Replacement Litter Trays for ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Tray

Replacements and Accessories

The Piddle Place has additional accessories available for odour control and mess control. For odour control, ensure you're stocked up on the Bio+ 3 Pack Concentrate, and for FURTHER odour control, spray the Bio+ Turf Treatment generously for effective waste removal. For those messy pets, the Piddle Place Splash Guard fits perfectly into the side of the Piddle Place and helps protect your walls and floors from your pet's urine!

Replacement turf can be purchased here!

The Pet Loo - Enzyme Cleaners

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