ScoopFree Replacement Litter Trays

ScoopFree Replacement Litter Trays are a disposable tray designed to eliminate cat waste odours and provide you with the simplest and cleanest solution to maintain your cat's litter tray.

  • The ScoopFree litter tray works by simply sliding the tray under the ScoopFree box and forget it for weeks at a time, depending on the number of cats using the tray.
  • Time to change it? Slide it out, place the lid on the box and dispose of the tray. Replace it with a fresh tray.
Replacement ScoopFree Cat Litter Trays
Odour Reducing Cat Waste Litter Tray

Odour Reduction

Made of a blue non-toxic crystal, the ScoopFree replacement litter trays use litter that is designed to reduce ordour five times better than traditional litter. The cystals absorb liquid and ordours and when used with the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box, moves waste into a contained area of the tray. The 99% dust free, low tracking replacement litter trays, help to reduce pet odours in your home.

reduce odour with the ScoopFree litter trays
replacement litter trays

How Long Do the Replacement ScoopFree Litter Trays Last?

Each ScoopFree Replacement Litter Tray should give you up to 30 days for one cat. By placing the tray lid under the tray, and removing waste from the ScoopFree Trap if the litter tray is still absorbing waste, you will be able to extend the life of the tray. If there is any odour, replace the tray. To further extend the life of the tray, feed your cat premium food rather than lower quality food which increase the amount of visits to the ScoopFree.

scoopfree litter trays
Bulk Savings 6Pack ScoopFree Litter Trays

Bulk Savings with the ScoopFree Discounted 6 Pack!

By buying your replacement litter trays in bulk, the price for each tray is reduced and you save on postage. The convenient 6 pack is a popular choice, saving you time, money and you have the trays available when needed.   

ScoopFree Replacement Trays

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ScoopFree Replacement Litter Tray - PAC19-14262

Premium crystal cat litter for the ScoopFree Litter Box!

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ScoopFree Litter Tray Discount 6 Pack - PAC19-14262

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Replacement Power Adaptor to suit ScoopFree® Self Cleaning Litterboxes (320-034)

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