What is it?

The Pet Loo

Say hello to your pet's very own backyard in a box! Forget the messy pee pads, midnight toilet runs, and dirty flooring, the Pet Loo makes life easier for you and your pet by offering a convenient, indoor potty solution - 24/7. Use the Pet Loo in your apartment, inside your home, on your patio, or even take it with you on holidays - yes, it's portable too! The Pet Loo is available in 3 sizes, perfect for small to large pet dogs.



The Pet Loo is available in 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large. Please view sizing guide below to determine which size is best for your dog.

Pet Loo Size Dimensions L x W x H Suitable for
Small/Kitty Kat 53cm x 45cm x 15cm Small sized dogs
Medium/Mini Wee 63cm x 63cm x 15cm Medium sized dgs
Large/Original 83cm x 83 cm x 15cm Large sized dogs




  • The Pet Loo features synthetic grass that fits on top of the Pet Loo base and is held in place with grass clips (included with your purchase). The Pet Loo grass replicates real outdoor grass encouraging pets to 'go'.
  • When your pet does their business, liquids seep through the grass and into the Pet Loo base.
  • The base of the pet loo is made from strong plastic that securely holds your pet's weight. This base features angled grooves that lead your pet's urine directly to the Pet Loo's Pee Pod.
  • The-Pee Pod is a 2 Litre plastic container that fits in all Pet Loo units. The Pee Pod catches and stores your pet's liquids for easy disposal. Also included with your purchase is Wee Sponge powder that rapidly absorbs your pet's liquids and transforms it into a gel form that helps control odours and makes disposal even easier.


Frequently asked questions

What if my dog does a number 2?

No problem! Simply use a plastic bag or scooper to scoop up your pet's solids and dispose of the waste in a bin.

Can I put multiple Pet Loos next to each other?

You sure can! This kind of set up is common for multiple pet households and pet owners with giant breed dogs.

What if my pet lifts his leg when he pees?

We recommend placing a small, vertical object in the centre of the Pet Loo such as a disposable cup or flowerpot. Once your pet gets used to using the Pet Loo, simply remove it.

How do I train my pet to use the Pet Loo?

Here are some basic steps to training your pet to use the Pet Loo

  1. Guide your dog to where you want them to go to the toilet. Dogs often need to do their business after eating, sleeping or playing. Younger puppies may need to urinate as frequently every 30 minutes
  2. Keep your pet at the spot until they relieve themselves
  3. Praise your pet
  4. Repeat

Handy tip: Use the Skip to my Loo Pet Attractant to encourage your pet to use the Pet Loo. The Skip to my Loo Attractant mimics the scent of animal urine (without smelling like wee!) to attract your pet and encourage them to use the Pet Loo when they need to go!

Watch the video below for more information about training your pet to use the Pet Loo!


Training your pet to use the Pet Loo



Pet Loo Cleaning Do's & Don'ts:


  • Pour warm water over the grass daily to flush out excess urine
  • A few times a week, thoroughly spray The Pet Loo & grass with WEE Care or Kitty Care and let dry for 5-10mins.  
  • Each week, remove the grass and wash down the Pet Loo with a hose until the liquid runs clear. Spray WEE Care or Kitty Care onto the unit and air out The Pet Loo unit ensuring the grass is completely dry before reusing.


  • Do not use chemical cleaners
  • Do not clean with bleach
  • Do not clean with citrus products
  • Use warm water only, never boiling.  

Recommended Pup-Pee Solutions for the Pet Loo:


What we like

  • Great for apartment pets
  • Effectively traps odours
  • No more mess on the carpet
  • No more late night and early morning toilet runs
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to setup, clean and maintain
  • Cleaning solutions are available to help keep your Pet Loo hygienic and odour free

  • Be careful of cheap imitations that are made of poor quality plastic. The sharp edges may harm your pet.
  • Use the right products with the Pet Loo.
    • Attractants such as Wee Care or Skip to my loo are suitable for use with the Pet Loo
    • Other products may act as a pet repellent, resulting in your pet refusing to use their Pet Loo
      • If in doubt, feel free to call us at 1300 483 179!


  • 1 x Pet Loo - Reinforced Plastic Base
  • 1 x Synthetic Grass Pad
  • 1 x Waste Container - 2L
  • 1 x Disposable Pee Pod Container
  • 1 x Sample Wee Sponge Powder
  • 4 x Grass Clips
  • 1 x Manual

Have any questions about the Pet Loo?  Feel free to give us a call on 1300 483 179

Model # KK5349
Brand The Pet Loo
Shipping Weight 2.7000kg
Shipping Width 0.460m
Shipping Height 0.570m
Shipping Length 0.150m
Shipping Cubic 0.039330000m3

Better than the cheapys!

By: on 4 November 2015
I had a new pup who I was constantly cleaning up after, chewing through bulk packs of puppy pee pads each week. I heard about these pet toilets and tried one of the cheaper kind of toilets, which worked in a way... but the smell was terrible and they were very difficult to clean completely so the stink stuck around! I splashed out on one of these loos after a few months of dealing with this and, WOW! Pretty much no smell as long as you follow the cleaning instructions. Awesome product, cheers.

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