Pet Loo Enzyme Cleaning Range

Pup-Pee Enzyme Cleaning Range for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

  • Chemical Free, Hypo-Allergenic and 100% Biodegradable Pup-Pee Enzyme Solutions
  • Eliminate the organic stains and odours by attacking the root of the problem
  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions, suitable for dogs, cats and small animals
  • Pup-Pee Enzyme cleaner range made by the makers of the Pet Loo!

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Pet Loo Cleaning Solution Wee Care


The Pet Loo - A Backyard in a Box!

The Pet Loo is a simple and convenient solutions for people who live in abodes where they may not have fast and ready access to suitable ablutions for their pets. The Pet Loo is portable so you can put it anywhere your dog likes to go, also you can take it outside, on holidays almost anywhere!

Wee Care Cleaning Solution Dogs and Cats

Pet Loo Cleaner - Wee Care & Kitty Care

Biodegradable cleaners such as the Wee Care and Kitty Care, use enzymes to break down organic material from your pet, easily and quickly. Also available is Critter Care and Puppy Care. To clean the Pet Loo:

  • Pour warm water over the grass daily to flush out excess urine
  • ​A few times a week, thoroughly spray The Pet Loo & grass with WEE Care or Kitty Care and let dry for 5-10mins.  
  • Weekly, remove the grass and wash down the Loo with a hose until liquid runs clear. Spray WEE Care or Kitty Care onto the unit and air out The Pet Loo, ensuring the grass is thoroughly dried before reusing. 
Kitty Care, Pup Care, Critter Care
Original Pet Loo Skip to My Loo Attractant

Skip to My Loo - Unique Attractant Solution for your Pet

Skip To My Loo is an attractant that has been developed to mimic animal urine scent and encourages your dog or cat to use the designated toilet zones. Does it smell like cat or dog wee? Absolutely not! You can use Skip To My Loo on The Pet Loo, your cats litter tray or the puppy's pee pads

Original Pet Loo Products
Liquid Ate Enzyme Cleaning Solution

Liquid Ate & Whiff Off Enzyme Cleaners - Dog and Cat Repellent / Deterrent

Liquid Ate and Whiff Off are enzyme based cleaning solutions that effectively targets and eliminates organic stains and odours.  While keeping your house clean, Liquid Ate & Whiff Off also act as a deterrent that helps your pet recognise areas that they aren't supposed to use as a toilet.  Do not use Liquid Ate or Whiff Off on the Pet Loo!

Whiff Off Animal Deterrent
Pee Pod for the Pet Loo

Pet Loo Pee Pod Makes Clean Up Easy

An absorbent powder called Wee Sponge is available with the biodegradable catchment jug container covers (packs of 7). When the urine comes into contact with the Wee Sponge Power, it turns to an odour free gel ready for disposal.

Also available is the great value My Puppy Starter Pack which includes the Wee Care, Liquid Ate, Whiff Off and Pup Care (4 x 125ml bottles).

My Puppy Starter Pack

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The Pet Loo - Pee Pod (7 pack)

Biodegradable container that makes waste removal easy!

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The Pet Loo 'Skip To My Loo' Attractant

Helps you toilet train your pet in minutes!

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The Pet Loo - Wee Care Enzyme Cleaning Solution 475mL

Recommended General Cleaning Solution for The Pet Loo!

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