Torus Water Bowl

As responsible pet owners, we need to ensure our pets always have fresh, clean water at all times - even when we're not home. The Torus bowl is an auto-refilling, portable bowl that provides your dog or cat with pristine, carbon-filtered water throughout the day. The bowl features large walls that store up to 2 Litres of water. These walls ensure that your pet's water remains clean and free from dirt, hair and nasty insects. It's wide, sturdy design keeps the bowl firmly on the ground at home or in your vehicle during travel. The small carbon filter remove nitrates from their water ensuring they're drinking nothing but the cleanest, freshest water (you'll also notice that you won't see as many burn patches on your lawn!) The bowl features anti-slip feet to prevent your pet from pushing the bowl from one end of the house/verandah to the other!

Available in various colours. No batteries or external power required. Durable and robust. One carbon filter included with purchase. 12-Month warranty.

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The Torus Bowl stores water in the walls and keeps the water at a low level. When the water level decreases, the bowl automatically dispenses fresh water. No batteries or power required!


Before pouring water in the bowl, place the carbon filter into the hollow section at the back of the bowl. Fill up the bowl with up to 2 Litres of water through the same area as the carbon filter at the back of the bowl and replace the cap. Set the bowl to one of the following settings (using the arrow on the cap to :

Water droplet symbol - Automatic refill (great for use at home) - When the bowl is set to the auto-filling setting, the bowl keeps the water at a low level to prevent spills and splashing. When the water gets too low, the bowl will automatically release water from the walls into the bowl.

Lock Symbol - Locks the water in the sides of the bowl - perfect for travelling

  • 2-Litre Capacity
  • No batteries or power required
  • Auto-refills
  • Carbon filter removes nitrates
  • Non-spill design - no mess!
  • Travel-friendly
  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Non-slip grips prevent sliding

  • 1 x 2 Litre Torus Bowl - Select colour from drop down box above
  • 1 x Carbon Filter
Brand Torus

12-Month Warranty

A Must Have Water Bowl for Your Dog

By: on 18 April 2018
This has to be one of the best bowls on the market for your dog. Not only does it filter the water, but it also comes in handy when travelling because you can turn the water flow off to keep it in the reservoir to avoid spills in the car. This bowl looks great and the quality is second to none. I'm so glad I bought it (in fact I bought a second or a friend). Ready Pet Go delivered both my orders quickly and securely. It's great to see a local business who not only keeps up with the current products on the market, but also know how to operate an online business successfully.

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