Have You Thought About Walking Your Cat?

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31 May 2024

It might sound funny at first, but have you thought about walking your cat?

It's no surprise that cats love to explore the outdoors, but many of them are living in small spaces and places where they often cannot go outside. Even if you're an apartment dweller, you should look for a way to get your cat active and outdoors.

Here are our top five tips for walking your cat:

1. Know your cat

Don't start walking a new kitten straight away. Make sure you know your cat and their personality. If they become uncomfortable or frightened during a walk you'll need to head home.

2. Buy a suitable lead

Make sure you have a small dog harness or cat harness and lead to keep your cat within a close proximity when walking them. It's important to keep both you and your cat safe.

3. Start off slow

Once you've got the harness and lead, it's time for your cat to adjust to it. It can take some cats quite a while to get used to wearing the harness and once they do, they may only walk a small distance at first. You need to walk before you can run.

4. Keep a close eye on your cat

Make sure your cat doesn't try to lick or eat anything off the ground during your walk as they could get sick or hurt itself

5. Don't tie them up

You should never leave your cat tied up as they could easily get tangled in their leash and hurt themselves.

But don't forget about dogs!

While many of these things ring true for dogs - there's a few other considerations dog owners need to take during a walk.

Location, Location, Location

Change the place you're walking from time to time to keep it exciting for both you and your dog. A trip to the beach could even be in order to make it even more fun!

Keep an eye on your dog

Keep an eye on your dog and make sure they're comfortable with their surroundings. If there's something that is making your dog a little uneasy, it might be time to head home.

Pick up after your dog

Make sure wherever you go, you have enough waste bags to pick up after your dog.

If you take your cat for a walk, we would love to see some photos - post them on our Facebook wall!