Omega Paw Roll'n Clean

It's as easy as it sounds!

The Omega Roll'n Clean is an easy to use cat litter box that allows you to get rid of cat litter in 3 convenient steps! Simply:

  1. Roll the litter box to the right until it's upside down
  2. Roll the litter box back to its upright position and then tilt to the left slightly to even out the cat litter
  3. Remove the scoop and dispose of your cat's litter in an appropriate area

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Omega Paw Roll'n Clean




Omega Paw - The Brand

Omega Paw is a pet product brand in Canada dedicated to introducing new and innovative products each year. All pet products are made with the highest quality materials and aim to meet the customers' standards.

Apart from the Roll'n Clean, we also stock Omega Paw cat scratching posts! You can check out the wide range of scratching toys and scratching posts here!

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Roll n Clean Mat

Features of the Roll'n Clean

Hood - The enclosed design effectively controls odours and prevents bacteria from spreading, keeping your house clean and fresh!

Scoop - The scoop is the best part of the Roll'n Clean! All you do is pull it out, dispose the litter and slide it back into place!

Sieve - Separates the dirty, clumped litter from the clean cat litter.

Mat - The Roll'n Clean Mat is an additional accessory that effectively reduces litter tracking when your cat jumps out of the box. 



Omega Paw Roll'n Clean
Omega Paw Roll'n Clean Handle

The NEW and Improved Design

THE ROLL'N CLEAN HAS HAD AN UPGRADE! To prevent wear and tear, the new model features:

  • Improved clip design
  • Improved screen (sieve) design to avoid cracks at the bend
  • Thicker walls
  • More colour options!


Roll'n Clean New and Improved
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