Indoor Vs Outdoor Pets

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31 May 2024

A new pet is a big decision for the whole family. Finding the cat or dog that is perfect for your family might take a while. Once you’ve found them, what’s their name going to be? What toys do they need? How will you get them home? One of the biggest considerations you will have to make is whether your new pet will live indoors or outdoors. Like many big life choices, a Pros & Cons list can help your decision-making.

Indoor pets - So you’ve decided to let your new pets live inside – what are the pros and cons of this?

Pros of inside pets

  • You know your pet will be safe even when you aren’t home because they’re inside the house
  • There’s no chance of your pet going missing
  • Cats aren’t able to eat wildlife, and if they don’t like wearing a collar, they won’t have to
  • Your pet's food won't be eaten by wildlife or other animals wandering around the yard

Cons of inside pets

  • Your pets will have to go to the toilet inside, so you need to make sure you have a product like the ScoopFree (for cats), or The PetLoo (for dogs) ready as soon as possible
  • Dogs, in particular, may get bored or restless, especially if you live in a small house or apartment
  • It will be a challenge if you do not have the time to walk your dogs

Outdoor pets - Your new pet is going to spend their time outside – what are the pros and cons of this? 

Pros of outdoor pets

  • Your pets will be able to wander around the yard and exercise freely
  • This is better for time-poor pet owners as outdoor dogs may not have to be walked as much
  • Your pet can go to the toilet outdoors

Cons of outdoor pets

  • Other animals might eat their food while your pet is asleep or not looking
  • There’s a higher chance of your pets going missing. While you can’t contain cats in a yard, dogs can be contained. This is not to say they won’t go missing, as dogs can break free
  • There’s a higher chance of your pets fighting with other animals – cats can be particularly guilty of neighbourhood brawls in the middle of the night

Whichever decision you make will be right for you and your pet. We hope this list helps you make the decision.