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1 x Drinkwell Sedona Fountain

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Drinkwell Sedona Pet Water Fountain

The Sedona Fountain is the newest, exciting addition to our innovative Drinkwell pet fountain range by PetSafe! The Sedona Fountain features a ceramic tower and large, clear bowl that holds up to 3 Litres of water. The water is continuously circulated and filtered and trickles through the top of the tower reducing spills and splashes while providing your dog 24/7 access to fresh, filtered water.

The Sedona pet water fountain is most suitable for medium sized cats and dogs, and its near silent operation is ideal for pets that are easily startled or anxious.

The foam filters catch hair, dirt and other debris that falls into the water while the carbon-activated charcoal filters effectively remove unpleasant tastes odours in and around the water. We recommend replacing the charcoal filters every 2-4 weeks and replacing the foam filters every month or two.

-  For additional foam filters
-  For additional charcoal filters - click here!

We recommend cleaning the fountain every 2 - 4 weeks with the Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit! The kit includes 3 brushes, each individually designed to help you clean all parts of the fountain, including hard to reach places.

Health Facts

Pets require 60mL of water per kilo of Body Weight - if your dog isn't meeting their daily water intake, a Drinkwell fountain would be greatly beneficial for your pet's health. If your dog or cat isn't drinking from their average water bowl, it may be a result of your pet preferring to follow their natural instinct of drinking from running water rather than still water in the fear that it may be contaminated. 

Health benefits of your pet reaching their daily water intake include:

Improving your pet's metabolism, helping their body absorb nutriets from food
Lubricates the joints, reducing the development of arthritis and other bone related issues
Helps speed up recovery after injury or illness.

Features of the Drinkwell Sedona Fountain

  • The latest addition to the Drinkwell Fountain range by PetSafe
  • Features a stylish, transparent design that will add a contemporary touch to your home
  • Near silent operation - ideal for nervous pets
  • Suitable for small to large dogs and cats
  • Holds up to 3 Litres of water
  • Provides your pet with a 24/7 supply of fresh water

Things to Consider

  • For indoor use only
  • Fountain pump is not dishwasher safe
  • It is important to clean your fountain regularly to maintain its function quality

What's in the Box

-  1 x Drinkwell Sedona Pet Water Fountain by PetSafe

              *  Plastic Bowl
              *  Ceramic Tower

-  Dimensions:

              *  Length: 31.5cm
              *  Width: 25cm
              *  Bowl Height: 11cm
              *  Height with Tower: 14.5cm

-  1 x Filter Housing

-  1 x Charcoal Filter

-  1 x Foam Filter

-  1 x Sedona Fountain Pump

-  1 x Power Adapter

-  1 x Rubber Grommet

-  1 x Instruction Manual