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1 x Happy Ride Bi-Fold Ramp - PTV17-16877

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Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

Guiding your pet into vehicles safely is essential for their body, and yours. Puppies, over-excited adult dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with injuries are more susceptible to injuries when jumping in and out of vehicles. High-quality pet ramps allow your pet to safely walk into your vehicle with limited risk to their joints and muscles (and yours too). The Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp is lightweight (weighing only 4kg) and sturdy in its design (holds up to 68kg). Pets of all ages and sizes can walk up and down the stairs with ease. The ramp has safety features including non-slip rubber feet, a high traction walking surface, and siderails to prevent any slipping and sliding during use. Simply fold the ramp in half for easy storage in your vehicle or home. Suitable for pets of all ages and sizes. Use the ramp for vehicle entry, access to grooming tables and on other raised surfaces including stairs and small retaining walls.


  • Prevents the risk of injury to your pet
  • Eliminates pressure from your dog's body
  • Quick fold design for easy setup and easy storage
  • Lightweight - only 4kg
  • Holds up to 68kg
  • Suitable for pets of all ages and sizes
  • Made from industry-standard plastic
  • High traction walking surface
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding during use
  • Safety release latch prevents accidental opening




  • Length: 157.48cm (unfolded)
  • Width: 40.64cm
  • Height: 10.16cm
  • Weight: 4kg

Things to Consider

  • Please ensure you can comfortably lift 4kg

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Solvit Ultimate Bi-Fold Pet Ramp