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1 x Happy Ride Compact Telescoping Dog Ramp - PTV17-16878

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Solvit Tri-Scope Pet Ramp

Getting your dog up and in your vehicle is easier and safer than ever. The Solvit Tri-Scope Pet Ramp is a compact solution to helping puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs into all vehicles. The ramp features three telescoping sections that are expandable from 71cm up to 177cm. The sturdy construction supports well over 136kg, ensuring the product is a reliable option for tiny to extra large dogs. The ramp is made of industry-standard aluminium and plastic, making it the lightest and strongest pet ramp of its kind.

Using a ramp is highly recommended for:

-  Senior dogs
-  Dogs with injuries/arthritis
-  Over-excited puppies and dogs that launch themselves out of vehicles
-  Adult dogs that require extra caution to prevent injuries when loading them in and out of vehicles

The ramp features a high-traction walking surface and rubber feet on both ends to prevent any slipping, sliding or wobbling during use. A safety release latch on the ramp prevents any accidental opening or unlocking, and a carry handle is located on the side of the ramp for your convenience. The ramp's telescoping design allows you to extend and contract the product as you need. You can also use the ramp over stairs and against any other raised surfaces.


  • Supports well over 136kg
  • Made of aluminium and industry-standard plastic
  • Suitable for tiny to extra large sized dogs
  • Ideal for senior dogs, dogs with injuries, puppies and over-excitable dogs
  • The Three-piece telescoping design allows for more storage!
  • Adjustable from 71.1cm to 177.8cm
  • Easy to expand and retract - no clumsy folding/unfolding
  • High traction walking surface
  • Rubber feet to secure the ramp in place during use
  • Safety latch prevents any accidental opening/unlocking
  • Include a carry handle
  • Easy to clean

Compacted Dimensions:

  • Length: 71cm
  • Width: 40m
  • Height: 13cm
  • Weight: 6.3kg

Expanded Dimensions:

  • Length: 71cm-177cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Height: 13cm
  • Weight: 6.3kg

Things to Consider

  • Although the unit is considered lightweight, please ensure you can comfortably lift just over 6kg or you know someone who can lift just over 6kg.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Solvit Tri-Scope Pet Ramp