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1 x JK9 Duoplay Antibacterial Ball

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  • The latest product innovation: We have mixed an antimicrobial ingredient into the JK9 Duoplay Antibacterial material, which protects against microbes found in city parks.
  • Beneficial silver: The silver ions in the additive prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the ball.
  • Be your dog’s best play partner: Duoplay ball training is recharging for the owner and tires out the dog physically and mentally in a positive way.
  • Perfect gripping experience: Thanks to its special shape, dogs can easily bite on it and love to play with it.
  • Recommended for dogs over 15kg

JK9 Duoplay Antibacterial – The latest product innovation

Many dogs hang out in urban dog parks, as these are popular meeting and playtime places for urban dog owners and their four-legged companions. For this reason, our pets’ toys are more exposed to various microbes. In order to reduce contamination, Julius-K9 developed the JK9Duoplay Antibacterial ball. A special ingredient was mixed into the material of the ball during the production process. As a result, it cannot wear off its surface and provides maximum antimicrobial protection for the entire lifetime of the product.

Beneficial silver

The antimicrobial additive exerts its effect through the silver ions inside of it. The natural antibacterial effect of silver was already recognised thousands of years ago. By sticking to the walls of bacteria, the special ingredient prevents their growth, interferes with the functioning of microbial enzymes, and also prevents their reproduction.

Be your dog’s best playmate!

Level up your game with Duoplay ball training, every moment of which is a feeling of success: recharge for the owner, physical and mental exertion for the dog. Whether your pet is a beginner or experienced, the JK9 Duoplay ball is an excellent skill development tool that builds on important basic instincts: biting and pulling prey.

A perfect gripping experience

The special shape of the JK9 Duoplay ball is ideal for grip development because it gradually thickens and can be grabbed from all directions by the dog. It is hollow inside, so it can be easily compressed, and its surface is pleated, which is why the dog finds it interesting from the first moment. When thrown, it bounces unpredictably, so it quickly awakens the dog’s hunting instinct and excellently develops reflexes.

We recommend this toy for dogs over 15 kg.

The toy can only be used for joint playing and training. Never leave it with the dog without supervision!

The JK9 Duoplay is made of natural rubber, which is gentle on the dog’s teeth.

The toy is made in the European plant of Julius-K9.

Antimicrobial additives are supported by the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Antimicrobial additive mixed into the base material
  • Special shape and design
  • Flexible and shape-retaining ball body
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surface
  • Comfortable and stretchable handle
  • Natural, tooth-friendly material
  • European production
  • Continuous load tests and innovation
  • Over 25 years of experience in the development of dog equipment

We recommend this toy for dogs over 15 kg.