Introducing The Highest Quality, Hand-Made Dog Harness From Julius K9!


The IDC Powerharness is manufactured using the highest quality, OEKO-TEX European materials that provide a breathable, skin-friendly harness liner for your dog.   The ergonomically designed chest strap distributes the load pressure safely across the chest area, which allows you to have maximum control over direction, while avoiding placing pressure on your dog's neck.

Visibility is perfect at any time of day with the reflective harness edges and strip across the chest strap of the IDC Powerharness.  For even higher visibility, pair your powerharness with our new Lumino range of glow-in-the-dark collars and leads or customise your new harness with our range of funky reflective labels to show off your dog's personality.

The Julius K9 Powerharness is the world leader in its field, currently being used by leading law enforcement dog squads, search and rescue teams, therapy dogs and it is the perfect harness for pets who are simply heading down to the dog park or beach for a run!

Do you need a hand selecting your dog's new harness?  Give the Ready Pet Go team a call on 1300 483 179!