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PetSafe Pet Screen Door - P1-ZB-11

The PetSafe Pet Screen Door is suitable for fitting to any screen door or window and for cats or small dogs up to 13kg.  It has been desgined for easy installation, simply cut the required hole in the screen and snap the screen pet door into place.  The wire mesh screen and frame are tough and include a sliding lock on each side to ensure your pet stays at home when preferred.  

PetSafe Pet Screen Door Sizing and Suitability Chart

Pet Screen DoorP1-ZB-11
Suitable size Up to 13kg
Max. Shoulder Width 180mm
Type Locking Panel
Wooden Doors No
Glass No
Brick No
PVC / Metal No
Patio / Sliding Yes - Screen doors and windows
Tunnel Options No
Cut Out Size 203mm x 254mm
Overall Size 241mm x 292mm
Flap Size 203mm x 235 mm
Selective Entry No



  • Grips edge of screen and snaps into place
  • Suitable for metal or fibre screens
  • Sliding locks on each side to keep your animal inside