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1 x PetSafe Ultrasonic Indoor Bark Deterrent - PBC17-14777

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PetSafe Indoor Bark Deterrent - PBC17-14777

The PetSafe Indoor Bark Control Unit is a stationary ultrasonic deterrent which emits a high-pitched ultrasonic tone to deter nuisance barking.

How the PetSafe Indoor Bark Deterrent - PBC17-14777 Works

An internal microphone will pick up the sound of your dog's bark within a range of 8 metres and will immediately emit the high-pitched ultrasonic tone in an arc in front of the deterrent unit. The dog should associate the ultrasonic tone with their barking and to avoid hearing this high-pitched tone, the dog must stop barking.

  • 8m range of effectiveness
  • Uses 2 x CR-2032 Batteries (included)
  • Internal microphone sensor
  • Free-standing design
  • Dual units can be placed at two separate ends of room for maximum coverage.
  • Uses harmless Ultrasonic Tone
  • 3 year warranty
  • 14 day Performance Guarantee. Buy it…Try it...Doesn’t work, Send it Back! What do you have to lose!*
Things To Consider
  • Ultrasonic tone is not an effective solution to control nuisance barking for most dogs. While still successful in some circumstances, most dogs will not react to the ultrasonic tone after a short period of use.
  • Spray Bark Collars can be an effective solution for easily startled pet breed dogs, with an approximate 70% success rate.
  • Electric Bark Collars are the most effective option to control nuisance barking, delivering a 98-99% success rate across all dogs.
  • We offer a Performance Guarantee on all of our barking solutions. View the Warranty and Guarantee tab for more information.
  • For more information, view our article on choosing the best bark control solution for your dog or call our experts on 1300 668 931.
What's In The Box
  • 2 x Indoor Ultrasonic Deterrents & Batteries
  • Operating Manual