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1 x SaniSolution 120 - Fresh Scent

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CatGenie Fresh Scent SaniSolution 120

The Fresh Scent SaniSolution is a Veterinarian tested and approved cleaning formula designed for use with the CatGenie. The CatGenie automatically dispenses the exact amount of SaniSolution for the unit to thoroughly wash and sanitise the Granules allowing you to reuse them for months at a time! The Fresh Scent formula will keep your cat's toileting area clean and fresh while filling your home with a light, fragrant aroma.

The SaniSolution formula is 100% safe for humans, cats, and the environment. The ingredients include; synthetic detergent, quaternary ammonium compound and a blend of natural and synthetic perfume oils.

How Long will Each SaniSolution Cartridge Last?


1 Cartridge 

2 Cartridges

3 Cartridges

4 Cartridges

1 Cat

Lasts 3-4 months

Lasts 6-8 months

Lasts 9-12 months

Lasts 12-16 months

2 Cats

Lasts approx 2 months

Lasts approx 4 months

Lasts approx 6 months

Lasts approx 8 months

3 Cats

Lasts approx 1 month

Lasts approx 2 months

Lasts approx 3 months

Lasts approx 4 months

How to Replace your SaniSolution Cartridges:

Inserting the SaniSolution into your CatGenie is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Remove the depleted cartridge by squeezing the tabs and pulling it out.
  2. Insert the new Cartridge into the slot at the top of the Processing Unit.
  3. Push down to activate

TIP: To make each SaniSolution Cartridge last longer, set the CatGenie to Cat Activation. Each SaniSolution Cartridge will last up to 240 washes! Auto Start and Manual Start set the CatGenie to last 120 washes per SaniSolution Cartridge

IMPORTANT: The CatGenie will not start without a genuine CatGenie SaniSolution Cartridge in the machine. Always keep a SaniSolution Cartridge available.  DO NOT Remove the SaniSolution Cartridge during a cleaning cycle.

What's in the Box

Fresh Scent SaniSolutions are sold in different packages. Choose which package option you need from the drop-down box above.

  • 1 x Fresh Scent SaniSoultion 120 Cartridge (450mL)