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1 x ScoopFree Litter Tray Discount 6 Pack - PAC19-14262

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Save $99 (39%)
Save $99.00 ( 39% )
RRP $255.00
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Here at Ready Pet Go, we offer the best price on genuine ScoopFree Litter trays! Our 6 Pack of Litter Trays will last approximately 5-6 months for 1 cat, 2-3 months for 2 cats, and 1 and a half months for 3-4 cats.

Each replacement litter tray includes a bag of premium crystal cat litter and lid for quick and easy disposal. Simply slide the new litter tray under your ScoopFree Litter Box and let it do the rest of the work for you! We recommend replacing your cat's litter tray every 4 weeks for 1 cat, every 2 weeks for 2 cats and each week for 3 or 4 cats.

Replace your Cat's ScoopFree Litter tray in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Slide your old tray out from under the ScoopFree cat litter box unit and cover it with the lid provided. Dispose of the tray.
  2. Open a bag of crystal litter and pour it into the cardboard box.
  3. Slide the new litter tray back under the unit