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1 x Staywell® Aluminium Pet Door - 600 Series

$101.49 - $230.99
$101.49 - $230.99
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Staywell Aluminium Pet Door - 600 Series

With easy DIY set-up, you can give your pet the freedom to roam in and out as they please. The PetSafe Aluminium pet door features a flexible tinted flap that features a magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap. This magnet secures to the magnetic base of the door frame when not in use. To lock the door, simply slide the closing panel down. Pile weather stripping on the sides of the door flap form a weather-resistant seal - the perfect pet door all year round. Its sturdy, aluminium frame has reinforced corners ideal for frequent use. The pet door fits most standard house doors and is available in four sizes for small to large pets. Please view our sizing guide, installation dimensions, and product specifications below.

Product manual and installation instructions - PetSafe Staywell Aluminium Pet Door



  • Solid aluminium construction
  • UV resistant, heavy-duty flexible flap
  • Lockable, insulated security barrier
  • Fitting instructions included with purchase
  • Four sizes available - suitable for pets up to 100kg

Installation Dimensions

Door Size Cut Out Size Overall Size
Small 150mm x 245mm 201mm x 298mm
Medium 225mm x 348mm 277mm 400mm
Large 277mm x 451mm 329mm x 502mm
Extra Large 366mm x 642mm 417mm x 692mm


Staywell 600 Series Product Specifications

Door Type Door flap
Lock Type Closing Panel
Selective Entry No
Suitable for Wooden Doors Yes
Suitable for Brick Yes
Suitable for PVC Yes
Suitable for Metal Yes
Suitable for Glass No
Suitable for Patio/Sliding Doors No
Tunnel Option Yes - Fixed



Sizing Guide

The Staywell Aluminium Pet Door is available in four sizes suitable for pets up to 100kg. Use the sizing guide below to determine which door size is best for your pet. You will need to ensure that they can comfortably fit within the door flap measurements.

Door Size Pet Type/Size Flap Size (mm) Max Shoulder Width (mm)
Small - 600ML Cats and dogs up to 7kg 132mm x 206mm 132mm
Medium - 620ML Dogs up to 18kg 209mm x 311mm 209mm
Large - 640ML Dogs up to 45kg 260mm x 413mm 260mm
Extra Large - 660ML Dogs up to 100kg 349mm x 603mm 349mm

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Staywell Aluminium Pet Door 600 Series (select size from drop down box above)
    • 1 x Closing Panel
    • 1 x Fitting Screws
    • 1 x Installation Guide
    • 1 x Cutting Template