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1 x Staywell Original 2-Way Pet Door - White - 700 Series

$31.99 - $105.99
$31.99 - $105.99
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Staywell Original 2-Way Pet Door - White - 700 Series

The Staywell Original 2-Way Pet Door offers a stylish option for independent pet entry. If you want to keep your pet inside or outside, simply close the sliding panel to lock the door. The 2-way pet door fits in most standard doors and is available in three sizes. Please view sizing guide, installation dimensions and product specifics below.


  • Recommended for pets up to 40kg
  • Available in three sizes
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • Manual 2-Way lock: locked and unlocked
  • Closing panel included

Queries about pet doors?  Please feel free to call on 1300 483 179!  


Installation Dimensions

Door Size Cut Out Size - Width x Height Overall Size - Width x Height
Small 158mm x 185mm 198mm x 236mm
Medium 237mm x 281mm 294mm x 352mm
Large 314mm x 370mm 386mm x 456mm

Staywell 700 Series Product Specifications

Door Type Door Flap
Lock Type Closing Panel
Selective Entry No
Suitable for Wooden Doors Yes
Suitable for Brick Yes
Suitable for PVC Yes
Suitable for Metal Yes
Suitable for Glass No
Suitable for Patio/Sliding Doors No
Tunnel Option Yes
Selective Entry No
Available Colours White


Sizing Guide

The Staywell Original 2-Way Pet Door 700 Series is available in three sizes suitable for cats and dogs up to 45kg. Please view the sizing chart below to determine which size is best for your pet.

Door Size Pet Type/Size Flap Size (mm) Width x Height Max Shoulder Width (mm)
Small - 715EF Cats and dogs up to 7kg 152mm x 178mm 147mm
Medium - 740EF Dogs up to 18kg 228mm x 267mm 219mm
Large - 760EF Dogs up to 45kg 305mm x 356mm 290mm

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Staywell Original 2-Way Pet Door - Please select size from the drop-down menu above
  • 1 x Product Manual
  • 1 x Cutting Template