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1 x The Pet Loo - Skip To My Loo Attractant

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The Pet Loo - Skip To My Loo Attractant

Skip to My Loo is an innovative attractant formula that encourages your pet to toilet in designated areas such as The Pet Loo, the Piddle Place Portable Pet Potty or puppy training pads!

Pets instinctually want to wee in the same spot as other animals and the unique (mild) scent of the Skip to My Loo Attractant is a scientifically formulated solution to encourage this behaviour. Please note that it is not a smelly extract of animal faeces.

For the best results, apply the Skip to My Loo Attractant to the chosen area for your pets to toilet! The easiest way to train your pet is to place them in the area to pick up the scent and keep leading them to the area until they mark the territory with their own scent (urine).  

For advice on which cleaning solution is best for you, feel free to call 1300 483 179

  • Great for house training and potty training puppies and dogs!
  • Made with a special formula that mimics animal urine without the odour!
  • Encourages pets to go to the toilet in the right areas!
  • Recommended for training your pets to use:
  • Suitable for use on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Safe for pets, people and the planet!
  • Eco-friendly

What's in the Box

  • 1 x PetSafe Skip to my Loo - 125mL