CatGenie - Saving Time, Money And The Environment

Say GOODBYE to cat litter and HELLO to savings!

It's time to say goodbye to cat litter once and for all! Cat owners spend an average of $8 per week on cat litter ALONE. That's more than $400 a year! Those with a CatGenie unit will spend less than $5 per week on CatGenie supplies.

Disposable cat litter isn't just expensive, it's also bad for the environment. A two-cat household consumes up to if not more than 150kg of cat litter each year.

And with that said, we are ready to introduce you to the CatGenie - The World's only self-washing cat litter box!


How does it work?

The CatGenie works like an appliance and flushes like a toilet (you can find more info about the CatGenie installation here).

The secret? Its granules. Unlike other cat litter that needs constant replacing, the CatGenie works with non-absorbent granules that never need changing. Instead, they are thoroughly washed and dried for fresh use every time.

When you're cat does their business and leaves, the CatGenie goes into action! The CatGenie automatically scoops up your cat's solids and tosses them down the hopper where it's liquefied and sent out of your home (for good). Next, the CatGenie will wash the granules with water and SaniSolution. Lastly, the CatGenie will blow dry the granules leaving your cat's toileting area clean and fresh.

The CatGenie requires one SaniSolution Cartridge to run, as well as one box of granules. One SaniSolution cartridge lasts approximately 3-4 months with one cat. One box of granules lasts between 4 to 6 months with one cat. Beyond the immense savings, you will never have to touch, smell or breathe cat litter again!


How do I get a CatGenie?

Head to our CatGenie pages! Click here to order your CatGenie today.